Wednesday 5 June 2013

lets start at the beginning.....

I started card making about 10 years ago, when i developed alopecia,   there was a suggestion it could be due to stress,  so i thought i would give it ago as people said it was relaxing.....
I started with a kit or two, then a box, then a small cupboard,  well there is no room in the garage for the car now !!!     I love to make cards and also scrapbook - when I can find photos  to do pages.
I like to see the looks on peoples faces when you give them a handmade card, and when they look through my scrapbook pages


  1. Oh I know that feeling! It's amazing how things grow isn't it!

  2. I started off in a similar way and it exploded! Especially in the past year :-)

  3. haha i started with a carrier bag and now ive got a craft room.

    love your tags

    love jacquelyn x

  4. At our old house, every time we wanted to get in the freezer, we had to move all my craft stuff. When we moved, I made sure I had a room all of my own. Helps that there are just two of us living here, too!

  5. Just too funny, my basement is full too... so sorry you have alopecia, this is surely to eliminate stress if you don't have too many demands from too many Design Teams... yeah girl! You just started and look at you go, Design Teams will be after you!!!
    I also heard that the Alopecia could be caused from a lack of iron but I would put money on it that it was probably the first thing you looked into. Happy Card Making, I can't wait to see more of what you do. hugs